Grutarally - A Rally for [Nearly] Junked Cars

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Grutarally is a rally for [nearly] junked cars

Grutarally was conceived by lovers of nature, travel and off-road challenge driving, inspired by the Mogul Rally that starts out in Germany and ends up in Mongolia.

The original Grutarally rules were revised and adapted to the conditions and laws of the State of Israel, creating a particularly extreme challenge experience, on the one hand, and an upbeat, enjoyable experience on the other.

Grutarally is not a competitive race; it is a tour that consecrates the human-nature-machine triad, connecting the participants with driving challenges, navigational challenges, rescue and car-maintenance challenges, all the while emphasizing mutual assistance between teams.

It all began as a expedition with friends in 2015 and, in 2016 we made it official and became a limited company whose main aim is to engage in challenging, social and hands-on experiential projects.

Grutarally's principles:

  • A driving trip based on old cars whose overall cost does not exceed NIS 3,500.
  • The vehicles must fulfill Registration Bureau conditions and own a permit for driving on roads according to Israeli law.
  • The teams must submit a valid annual permit and car insurance.
  • Each team decides which of the challenges enroute it will undertake or bypass.
  • The teams are responsible for bringing and transporting all their members' personal equipment and vehicle spare parts.
  • The teams must reach the finish-line at the end of every day's journey, a point predetermined by the organizers.
  • A team whose car malfunctions and cannot make it to the finish-line passes the night on its own out in the field (provided the venue owns a permit for outdoor camping by Israel law) and attempts to advance and close the gap the following day.
  • Rescue by outside parties is strictly forbidden! Rescue is only permitted by the team itself or by other teams participating in the rally.
  • No garbage or spare parts may be left out in the field, and off-road driving is permitted only on marked trails.

Social aspect of Grutarally:

The social aspect of our trips is mainly expressed precisely when cars start malfunctioning enroute and/or reach a tough obstacle on the way. Then one can see how "all for one" really works – people help repair and lend parts so that everyone can reach the finish-line. They haul, tow and pull them out. They do everything possible so that everyone can reach the finish-line that evening.

Grutarally Club:

In late 2016, after seven rallies, the Grutarally circle of fans had grown so much that it was decided to launch a members' club.

Only people who have taken part in one of our trips or joined in as production/ command room personnel are eligible to join, and it involves a nominal one-time fee.

The club, which is operated by volunteer members, offers trips, social gatherings and community volunteer activities.

Additionally, the club issues a membership card to each member, which entitles them to membership discounts offered by various businesses.